Buy siwiss replica watches uk-The sapphire mirror of this fake watch is not double-faced

The size of these two Cartiers, compared to the size of a one-dollar coin, W69012Z4 is 42mm in diameter and W6920046 is 36.6mm in diameter. However, it is not just the difference in size. This high imitation Cartier W6920046 is a quartz movement used without a calendar display.

High imitation Cartier W6920046 replica watches, this 36.6mm watch is not the same as the 42mm Z4. The sapphire mirror of this watch is not double-faced, so there is no fish-eye effect.

In terms of movement, the genuine W6920046 uses a mechanical movement of ETA 2671, and this one uses a quartz movement, which is the biggest difference between the case and the genuine one. Of course this also drastically reduced his cost, making him more affordable for more people.

This high imitation watch is a low imitation Cartier watch with blue steel hands so far. If you just like the appearance of the Cartier W6920046, don't care if it uses the ETA 2671 movement like the genuine one quartz replica watches, but it can't accept 33mm Size watch. Then this watch can be said to be the only option.

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