Fake watches-high-42mm balloon replica Cartier in the degree of simulation and cost-effective

High imitation Cartier 42mm blue balloon, his genuine model is W69012Z4. If this high imitation Cartier is popular, it can be said that it is a "medium and high match" version of Cartier. The 42mm balloon has a degree of simulation and cost performance. Perfect balance point, at the same time, he is also the closest to the authentic high imitation Cartier in the MIYOTA 9015 movement version. If you plan to buy one, it is not the top high imitation Cartier, the price is less than 3000, the stability of the movement is high, the failure rate Low, high-precision Cartier watch with accurate travel time.

The following are all the accessories of this replica watches uk. From the left, they are the case, the middle case, and the bottom cover. They are also the standard three-piece structure. Regarding the "three-piece" structure of the watch, the younger brother is in the previous The article has been mentioned many times. If you don't understand the term well, you can search the younger brother's blog, and use the keyword "three-piece suit" to see the previous article. To understand this knowledge. The 42mm high imitation Cartier is a three-piece structure, which is a standard for measuring whether a Cartier is 1: 1, because before that, almost all high imitation Cartiers are the same as the genuine 36.6mm, regardless of the size are all two Set of structures.

In high imitation Cartier watches, the problem of rounded corners is difficult to overcome, which requires three major factors (shell type, handle, and gem thickness) to be considered in a chain. It is the most basic standard to confirm whether the high imitation Cartier is correct. The correct fillet radian should be an radian of the lower circle and the upper circle replica watches, which is neither an ellipse nor a perfect circle. In this detail, the younger brother took a few more photos. Brothers can compare the authentic products. They must be 100% correct.

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