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The design of the lug is closely related to the strap. If there is a leak in the middle of the accessory, there will be a series of problems such as the gap between the strap and the lug is too large, or it is simply not tight.

Genuine and high-quality high-quality Cartier sapphire glass is double sapphire glass, so from the side, Cartier's glass has a fish-eye effect. This detail is also widely known by mold developers. Few 42mm high-quality imitation Cartiers have not made this detail now, and it has become popular. As long as you find a glass factory to make a mirror similar to Cartier, the manufacturer will even directly ask you if you want to make a double-bubble. Eye effect Cartier, that may be a version that others have been backlogging for a long time. The blue steel pointer has now become the standard for high-quality blue balloons. The 9015 version of the basket balloon is also equipped Swiss replica watches with the highest quality blue steel pointer.

The calendar of this watch is not the universal calendar of the 9015 version, but a calendar of the genuine Cartier, and the size of the calendar window is exactly the same as the genuine. Cartier's typeface, as a large-area fuel injection type, is actually not a very difficult process, but it does have details that are difficult to achieve. For example, Catier at 7 o'clock, many literal manufacturers cannot print this typeface. Clear enough to see if a high imitation Cartier is literally beautiful.

In the past Cartier version, a large part of it has actually been solved by the molder, but in terms of the handle, this Cartier can be said to be a breakthrough. From the picture we can see that this Cartier handle is like a diamond The inlay is not an ordinary gel. At the same time, the material is also real sapphire. You can use a drill pen to directly measure the hardness of the handle vip replica watches. The strap uses a laser lettering process instead of the ordinary engraving of earlier versions. Such lettering will be clearer and no burrs will appear at the same time.

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