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There are very few online introductions about the authentic Rolex Cal.3186 movement in both Chinese and English. Most of the Chinese are watch-like advertisements, and very few are really introduced, so the younger brother will come out and introduce this movement first. As mentioned above, the main application of this movement is the original Rolex Explorer II (Explorer-II) EXPII. After 2015, the modified shock absorber 3186 movement is fake Rolex Cal. 3187.

This movement is directly purchased from Rolex's Hong Kong after-sales center, which can guarantee that it is a 100% new and latest version of the authentic movement. The plastic box of the movement is also the original bare-metal movement box in the aftermarket. Some people here will say that Rolex never sells to the outside world. I want to explain here. It s true that movements like Rolex are really hard to buy, but 50 to 100 small batches can still be obtained through channels. , Mainly for non-Rolex original maintenance and after-sales, and will not be used for the production and manufacture of imitation products. As for how to buy it, there is no comment, but in the current world of high replica watches, you will not see replica watches using this movement.

Let's take a look at the front view picture of this movement. The whole movement's sunburst Polish and electroplated platinum have improved the texture of the entire movement by several grades. In 2014, my younger also launched the movement's platinum-plated super Cal.3135 movement. It is no longer sold, and no such movement is in use on the market. The same platinized technology has been retained, used on imitation Cal. 8500 movements, and on IWC turbines. The appearance of the two movements Polish is comparable to the original Rolex Cal. 3186.

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